The possibility to deposit goodses is one truth for our customers thanks to ours two warehouses and of our inner large square (mq 2000). Large square guarded with television camera, nocturnal and festive vigilance, burglar alarms, collaboration with the police forces.

  • Account thirds party
  • Covered Warehouses
  • Squares
  • Drainage markup Motor vehicles

Simonelli Shipping s.r.l

Understood Them Social 98.000 Euro

P.I. IT. 01781200546

C.C.I.A.A. PG 159101

Offices  Warehouses

Via A. Manna, 97 / C - 06132 (PG)

Tel. 0039.075.5270334 r.a. 

Fax 0039.075.5289016

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