Simonelli's center of operations (import-export, custom, brockers, warehousing, logistic, insurance...), is located in perugia (umbria), middle of italy, from where we coordinate the loading of shipments for all the world using all services and necessary logistic trought the most important ports and airports, where we daily go with containers and trucks. run by a dynamic and efficent management to insure quality service, simonelli shipping moves a good volume of goods daily by air ocean and truck to all major destinations troughout the world. the young and motivated staff follows all the operations involved in moving goods for our clients. all of this is done with the highest standard of courtesy and quality.

  • Understood Them Social 98.000 Euro
  • OFFICES WAREHOUSES: Via A. Manna, 97/c – S. Andrea delle Fratte 06132 PERUGIA ITALY
  • Tel. +39/075/5270334 r.a. – Telefax +39/075/5289016

Simonelli Shipping s.r.l

Understood Them Social 98.000 Euro

P.I. IT. 01781200546

C.C.I.A.A. PG 159101

Offices  Warehouses

Via A. Manna, 97 / C - 06132 (PG)

Tel. 0039.075.5270334 r.a. 

Fax 0039.075.5289016

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